Loads of progress...

Well, Markus and I are still going at it, and we hope ot have the rest of the UI done before we go to bed in about 2 hours or so, but I thought we would give you a bit of an update:

As you can see, you can build three kinds of ships, you can move them, you can fight, you can draw territories - almost everything really necessary is DONE!

We are actually a little freaking out, as we are starting to test and polish now - and it is only Thursday (erm, ok, Early Friday) - and we never usually even get much to those, but neve before the last day!

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I'm so looking forward to play this. It's nice you get to polish it well before the deadline :)
Woah those ships I drew look a lot better in-game ROFL Nice work on the GUI guys :-) I'll try to get some battle fx done today.