It's coming along

Well, this is the state of my game so far, it's becoming more game-like, it has some rudimentary sounds. I'm feeling a lot better about it now than yesterday, mostly thanks to people on the IRC channel.

Things to add:

*if time allows

Regarding online score submission, is there any way to make that secure with an open source game? I've done it before with some kind of encryption, but as you can see the encryption algorithm, I can't really see any way to make it work.

any ideas?

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let people cheat if they take the trouble :)

You could submit a recording of the keypresses of the game (along with the ticks at which they happened), and the server processes it and calculates the score. It's not perfectly secure, but at least it would make it a lot tougher to fake.


HanClinto - that's the only way I can see it being pretty secure... unfortunately I think that would be rather a lot of data and complicated, so I think i'll just go with leaving it insecure and people can cheat if they must, that's if I do an online score board at all.