Progress (or lack thereof)

I haven't been doing so well with my game, I've been hitting wall after wall. That style that I said that fits perfectly with my game, turns out, I can't make it fit so well. I had made before some design decisions that I thought would work, but in practice, I've realized they don't. I've learned that you have to be careful with envisioning games that are a bit more experimental, because this or that mechanic you think would be cool might not work so well in practice. And I just can't figure out the art for this game, you might have to play an ugly game.

Oh well. I'm going to look for workarounds and see what I can do. I'm just not sure I can make it fun.

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Playing an ugly game is not as important as playing a FUN game. Graphics are terribly overrated, these days.

Don't worry about 'art'. Just try to get a nice game mechanic!