Big Swinging Yo-Yo

Things seem to be coming along... so far I've put in some yo-yo tricks (albeit with a couple bugs from the scroll manager) and got the first level more or less rendered. I've been using SketchUp! to draw out the levels in 3d and then export a png. Even with SketchUp it takes a while to render everything since I'm just learning it, but the results look really good. The computer crashed a couple times yesterday too, so I lost a bit of level 2. Yay crashy computer.

Last night I also put some particle effects in for blood splatter for when the yo-yo hits something, which I think should definitely add to the gore factor.

Tonight I put the health meter in, fixed up the collision map and started trying to fix up the yo-yo attacks. I think I'll try to get level 2 done and call it a night.