I've been having some problems with my progress. All I've done so far is a string, but I'm starting to lose confidence in my original idea, especially because I'm not sure if I can make it in time. On the other hand, while playing around with my string, I've had this a bit more experimental idea that could be interesting, but I'm not too sure if it can be fun. But I think it should be faster to implement than the first idea.

So, I'm torn between two choices:

a) stick with a more tried-and-true platformer-type game that I might not finish in time, but should definitely be fun; or
b) go for another idea which is a bit more experimental, with some potential for disaster, but could possibly be fun, probably not as fun as a), and also I think is faster to do?

I did say in another post that I would try to focus on fun over innovation (a), but b) would sort of be the opposite. It's actually a pretty cool idea which I won't say just yet, but I'm not so sure about the fun in it. Currently, I'm leaning towards b), especially because I'm worried I might not finish a) in time. I'm going to bed now, so maybe tomorrow I'll have a clearer thought of what I want.

Thoughts, anyone?

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In the end, I would council B.
The only reason being, I know how easy it is to get stuck in an idea and then have to restart later - and what you are describing is a clear precursor to that.
Also, I would go with what I was feeling, and the more unique idea.
Generally, you will feel happier with your project with something innovative than something just traditional - and often judges will really boost your fun for a new idea.

Just my 2cw - good luck either way ;)
not another plataformer, pleeeeease. i always make unpopular comments as i dont like 3d or plataformers. but i think experimental is more fun.
I've thought about this and I've figured out a neat dressing ("theme" or "style") that fits well with my b) game mechanic. So I'm sticking with that. :)
/me is happy