Aleutha - The strings of destiny

A shadow lies over the once beautifull lands of Harmonica. Evil reigns with a merciless fist and Aleutha, the magical harp, that guaranteed centuries of peace, lies shattered in the dust.

You managed to escape before the dark lord has taken over the king's castle but you had to leave Princess Giselle, the love of your life, behind. Your only hope, to rescued the princess and the land of Harmonica, is to repair Aleutha and banish the dark lord forever.

After months of struggle and exhaustion you discover the remains of Aleutha in a deep cavern. Many strings are lacking, but a little spark of magic is left. With the help of an old druid living nearby, you repair Aleutha and also find out, where the missing strings are located.

With the help of Aleutha you travel the land, banishing the servants of the dark lord, and search for the remaining strings, to restore Aleutha's full magical power and to finally face the dark lord.

To explain the game principle in a few words: 2D-ShootEmUp-GuitarHero-BeatEmUp.

You try to play melodies, to create power waves that banish enemies. There are different melodies you can play and combine to combo's that unleash an extra bonus like a short time stop, invullnerability and so on. But in contrast to Guitar Hero you are free in the choice of what notes you play. More like in a BeatEmUp-Game where you have the choice of punshing your opponent or kick or block...