Finally i got an idea

It is a little bit bizarre but i voted for the winning theme. And on sunday i thought my existing idea through and realized, that this wasn't the thing i want to spent a whole week on.

It was a little puzzle game where a ball falls through a maze of poles. You have a limited string that you can cut into pieces and use the pieces to connect two poles, so that the way down is blocked and the falling ball is redirected. The ball had to fall into a specific place and there are obstacles and so on.

The idea is not bad, but there is no challenge for me to do something new. The last pyweek i had a lack of sound, so this time i will introduce sound along with strings as a central concept of my game.

Because i already lost nearly 3 days and also don't know, if i have that much time the following 3 days, it may be, that i blow the deadline. But let's see what i can accomplish and i am also willing to finish the game, even if it's not for this pyweek because the game idea set's me on fire.

So stay tuned and excited for ... Aleutha - The strings of destiny

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It seems like a lot of people are starting over about now, if you push hard enough you should be OK. As for me, I didn't start over, but my refactoring yesterday did not improve the game at all, only the code, so I feel like I am at least a day behind as well.