Day 3 - First Entry

Dear Diary,

Sadly we did not spend much time with you until now.
I just uploaded our ritualistic fake screen shot [2 days late, but still... we adhere to well established rituals). As you might have already seen from the (fake-)screenshot, we were crazy enough to try a RPG... No fear, string is included and does indeed play a main role in our upcoming (and not finishable) Role-Playing-Game.

So this time, our - also ritualistic famous "last sentence" - probably will hold true:
We won't finish ;)

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Looks good! Now you just have to make it real :D
I like it too :) Good luck you two ^^ you know... i belief in you XD Yuri
How does string play a main role?

Well, it's not the main character but it is kind of important because you kill those bossmonsters to get all pieces of the Magical String back. And you need that Magical String to keep Felimon in his box..

Not too original, I know. ;)