Plan B

Well, I've been fighting the whole day with the interface, and it's difficult to tweak. Wind gusts can be created with mouse movements as lines on the screen that disappear incrementally. If the kite is close enough, it follows the wind. But it's really difficult to control it, as strong gusts throw the kite away. So...
PLAN B! It's always good having one of these. Bungee Manager! A bridge, some guys bungee jumping and you choosing the proper "length of the string"! The larger the jump, the happier the jumper, which translates into money :) Accidents should be avoided, of course.
So, essentially, the mechanic will be similar to Diner Dash (attend customers) but with bungee jumpers. The physics engine I hacked yesterday works like a charm for this purpose!

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A bungee jumping management simulator. Neat. :)
That sounds like a great idea, looking forward to try it!