eye stabs. Do you? We figured out a possible idea for our game.

We're going to do a music game. Since everyone in our team plays music, that seems like a fun thing to do. So you'll need a computer keyboard, a joypad, or a real instrument and microphone to play our game. We wanted the program to be useful too... to help train peoples ears, and maybe other musical skills.

Different 'lengths of string' play different notes on a guitar. So that's how it matches up with the theme.


In the dirty underground music scene often referred to as 'eye stabs', there are lethal gigs in select nightclubs around the world. Musicians play for eyes. A tune is played to the musician, and they must figure out the notes played.

Fuck up the tune, and you are stabbed in the eye! Get the tune right, fortune and respect are yours! Better than the riches and the adoration though -- rich club owners can give you spare eyes... and provide doctors that can give you back eyes you have had stabbed out.

So are you prepared to put your eyes on the line? Can you play well enough to avoid a stab in the eye? Do you trust the sleazy club owners doctors to fix your eye if it does get stabbed?

                      q o o p
                      q o!o p
                      d o!o b
                  .'   |!!!|   `.\
                 /     !===!     \\
                 |    /|!!!|\    ||
                  \   \!!!!!/   //
                   )   `==='   ((
                 .'    !!!!!    `..
                /      !!!!!      \\
               |       !!!!!       ||
               |       !!!!!       ||
               |       !!!!!       ||
                \     =======     //
                 `.    ooooo    .;'

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Awesome concept! Reminds me of 'None So Blind', short story by Joe Haldeman.