Day Six Entry - Nearly Finished

Latest Snapshot:
OS X .app (tiger only)

Today we took a small chunk out of our to do list and actually have a playable game. If we had to hand in this build, it'd still be fun to play. Of course we're missing things like opponents and the like that'd make it more fun, but we have a nice time trial mode set up to practice on the tracks. And a much better handled menuing system.

Visually, we had Steve come over and he went through our big list o' textures and also grabbed some creative commons ones and redo one of the tracks with better defaults. It's much more dark and destopian now which is what we're going for. I also put in some of Don's car renderings in so it changes when you turn. It's starting to look more and more like what we first envisioned.

That said, it's very hard to keep from being burned out at the moment. Temptation is strong to just chat on IRC or read reddit, but we must continue on. There's just so much we wanted to do with it and we're constantly saying 'scrap it' and 'not a priority' more and more.