Entry 1: Ideas

OK, I couldn't think of any ideas that were both interesting and within my ability (my initial idea was a puzzle game in the style of the incredible machine, but that's beyond me at the moment) so I decided just to write a simulation of a string. That's taken much longer than I expected, and I'm not sure what's wrong with it but it's way too springy and if i try to make it less springy then it starts going crazy.

But, no matter, I can use that as part of the mechanic, so I've decided to write the game "Lunar Delivery". Basically lunar lander, with a springy, hard to control rope attached to the bottom of your ship(because.. uh.. that's all they can manufacture on the moon). You have to pick up packages and deliver them through a treaturous landscape without bashing up the package(or your ship) too much. I may also make an online scoreboard of some sort.

So.. pretty basic idea, but hopefully I can make it fun :)