A little too far off the theme

Two problems here. First of all, my entry does not have anything to do with steam in the literal sense. Rather, I have a woman who builds up steam to enhance her attacks (she's mad, because this game is just a contest entry and not a real game :).

Ok, that's almost not too bad. The second problem is, she's not exactly running on it. She can kill ninjas just fine without building up any steam; it's just easier if she does.

So, I will probably end up submitting this as a non-entry.

Accomplishments so far:

With some luck I'll be done tomorrow.

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Steam as a metaphor is fine by me :)
It looks like team toba is doing the same thing, though at least they're drawing the steam. Maybe I could put in a little steam graphic in if I have time.
Steam is no place for a mighty warrior! Seriously, though. I like the idea. Sounds like a mechanic I came up with a while back for a game where you could choose to be a ninja or a warrior. Each had different moves, and getting your rage meter high or low by fighting would allow you to switch between them.