library before challenge

I am sorry,I want to ask another question:

some people can use some library, that create before the challenge, and some people cann't.

Why they can? why the cannot??

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This is explained in the rules of the competition under the heading "Entries are to be written from scratch", but basically, you are allowed to use any library which has been publically available and documented for at least one month before the challenge.

There was some debate during this challenge about exactly what that means, but popular opinion seems to be that no-one really minds if you use a library that was written by someone else (the rules are a little unclear on this point, but new releases of publically-available games development libraries such as pygame and pyglet seem to be okay with most people). If you want to use a library that you created yourself, you need to be very clear about it being publically released and documented at least one month before the challenge so that other participants have an opportunity to learn to use it, otherwise you would have an unfair advantage over them.

Our team packaged up some code from our last PyWeek entry as a library and posted it on this website a month before this contest, but when it came to writing our game for PyWeek 6 we decided we hadn't really put enough effort into publishing or documenting it and it wouldn't be fair for us to use it again, so in the end we didn't.