"gather" update and postmortem

Wow, I'm honored and humbled by the responses to "gather". I had fun and will be back for sure. The pyweek upload system is giving me trouble, so if you want the most recent versions of the game (the post-pyweek release) at my personal site. There really aren't many changes. I fixed the level-end crash bug and added survival mode and a conversion animation so the moment of conversion is a little more obvious.

src : http://static.adambachman.org/games/gather-2008-04-24_src.zip
Windows .exe : http://static.adambachman.org/games/gather-2008-04-24.zip

On with the postmortem...

What I think went right:

What needs improvement:

All in all, I enjoyed it making and playing the game, and I'm glad some other folks did too. I hope to do a small set of tutorials while pulling the game apart and re-writing most of it. At this point I can't imagine adding features without coming at it fresh. I think there's potential here, but I don't envision turning this into a power-up heavy 2D action shooter. I like the design constraints of a five-minute casual shooter, so I think whatever changes, it'll still be pretty much the same game.

Huge thanks to Richard and everyone else involved for keeping pyweek rolling, I look forward to 7!

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If the upload system is giving you trouble then you need to tell me so I can look into making it better.