Wat happen?

Uhh, now that I am sufficiently burned out of programming for the rest of my life, what with pyweek, and then ludum dare 11 (which i am fairly positive I spent more hours on than I did pyweek) I suppose I may as well see what I can learn from the experience. Those of us in the industry may call this brain dump a "post mortem". I call it blarfing.

I would say that I basically failed pyweek. I'm partially talking about the scores, but I think I would be more upset about the scores if I didn't agree with many of them. I made several large mistakes, and I'm sorry to say, most of them I have made before. I am going to print these out and post them in 100pt font on my wall.

Not to be too hard on myself or anything :) I am just tired of continually making the same mistakes. I think I would find the experience more rewarding and fun if I were less ambitious and not so technology focused.

Now to respond to a few comments!

Finally, I think the final comment I received really sums up my game and how I feel about it very nicely:
"This game has real potential. With different selectable characters using the skelatal system differently you could really pull off an interesting robot battle game here. (I imagine making the skeletal weapons like punching the main tool of damage with powerups like lasers and airstrikes and stuff.) Unfortunately it seems like the engine for this took much of your time and limited what you were able to do. I think what you probably have in your head is awesome."
What I have in my head is quite possibly the most amazing thing that could ever exist. My hope is that in the next pyweek this will be more obvious :)