Another web site comment

When you follow a link to a diary entry from the main page, it's not clear which team/game the diary entry relates to. You can find out by following the author link of the first comment, but it would be better to have the team and game name displayed prominently at the top somewhere.

More generally, everywhere a team or team member is mentioned, it would be useful to have the game name displayed beside it as well. It can be hard to remember which people and teams go with which games.

Also, I have a general feeling that the whole site layout is somewhat confusing and hard to find one's way around, although I'm not sure exactly what needs to be done about it.

I'm thinking the diary entries list is the wrong thing to have for the main page. The main page should have a definite look of "main-ness" about it, with large prominent links to all the other areas and a small amount of descriptive text letting you know about each one.

As it is, the site doesn't really seem to have a "main" page at all, which makes me feel a bit lost and wondering whether there are parts of the site that exist but I haven't stumbled upon yet.

Another thing that would be useful is a page that lists all the entries for a particular challenge, but without the full size screen shots, just small thumbnails of them. This would be faster to load and make it much easier to browse through the whole list.