rating, DNW and disqualification

I saw Richard's post about disqualification of games using libraries released just before or during the competition. I've noticed some time ago that for some reason pyglet1.1 won't work ok with my video card (and have of course reported an issue, which Alex has promptly answered each time I add new information). So, I find myself in a situation in which I can't make the game work (because of pyglet1.1), so I'd go for rating anything, and clicking "game does not work" (which would turn the rating meaningless) *but* if I want to go and disqualify anyone using pyglet1.1, it says the rating still means anything.
So, what happens when I click both DNW and disqualify? Is the rating taken to account or not?

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I'll post this in the other thread too, but I really don't believe it's fair to disqualify anyone using pyglet 1.1 alpha releases.

Both of the two pyglet developers were using pyglet SVN - anyone using an alpha release is gaining no advantage from doing so (well, apart from using the coolness that is pyglet 1.1 :)