RoboCute for President!


RoboCute offers you his protection. :)

Heh, I finally did a robot sprite in InkScape.

I don't seriously expect to win, but I can still have some fun! BTW, I'm going to start judging you guys so be nice to me! :)

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I can't get it to work: A moment after rolling the dice and getting a value, the screen turns black. The game is still responsive, though, since it responds to a QUIT event...
Wow, that's a real mind boggler. The OpenGL calls after that are the same that have already been used and there's nothing fancy going on! It's either pyglet 1.1 alpha 2 or a video driver issue.

If you post the model and driver version of your video card I might be able to figure it out.
Uh, oh. Here's an issue someone posted on the RoboCute at Google Code site.

Don't feel bad if you don't feel like fixing the errors to evaluate the entry. I probably should have declared DNF.
kfields: only I get to declare an entry DNF, by noting that no final submission is lodged.

If you submit a final entry - even if it has bugs - it disqualifies you from DNF as far as I'm concerned :)

Maybe I'm just trying to weasel my way out of having to judge all of these entries! :)
I guess I should mention that if people don't want to play the debug level, in /lib/ they should comment out:

scene = Scene(win, "RoboCuteSpawnDebug.ods")

And uncomment:

#scene = Scene(win, "RoboCute.ods")

(Groan ...)
I'm getting a crash right away and it's not obvious why:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 16, in 
  File "/home/bjorn/source/pyweek6-entries/robocute/lib/", line 44, in main
  File "/home/bjorn/source/pyweek6-entries/robocute/lib/robocute/", line 237, in draw
  File "/home/bjorn/source/pyweek6-entries/robocute/lib/robocute/", line 49, in draw
    g.x = node.x
oops, more careful reading of the google code site points out that Mouse __init__ method should be calling super(Mouse,self), and that Node should have x,y and z attributes. . that stops it from crashing but now I've just got a black screen.

I'll grab the svn so I can try it, but obviously can't use that for judging.
Great, now I've got what appears to be a map editor. No game though :(
Don't feel bad if you want to judge it DNW. It's more of a game engine than a game. Next PyWeek I'll try not to get carried away!

I'm reworking the front and back end right now, so any given revision could either look like a game or the editor until the front end gets sorted out. Sorry. :(

It's good to know that what's on SVN is working for you. Thanks for the input!
RoboCute MegaTreasure

I managed to get paging terrain semi-working. Just need to implement code to shift the page map tied to the camera.

Here's the code:

Still not much of a game ... maybe in a year or so ... :)
There's code for doing that sort of thing in Cocos (subversion).