I haven't python2.5

I am sorry.

I cann't success to test all game in my linux box.
my machine running debian 4.0 and python 2.4

python2.5 isn't full support in debian4.0

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I have it on my Debian Etch (4.0) box straight out of the official Debian repositories:


Just apt-get the python2.5 package. The command python2.5 starts Python 2.5, while the command python starts Python 2.4.
I know that.

but what about the pygame, pyglet ?......
I am tired.
Yeah, after I posted I noticed that pygame, etc. are not available through the Debian repositories (for 2.5 at least). I think I manually installed them a while ago. My bad...
I'm thinking of creating a vmware/qemu image with all the games installed (and their dependencies, of course). If I do that I'll post a download link here.
I am tired.

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