Day 5 Summary - OS X build here

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Well, today didn't seem overly productive but I guess it didn't go too bad. Erik perfected py2exe. I perfected py2app. So we now have a system to distribute our code out to people without python and it seems to go alright. A lot of people who've been helping us with assets were able to see the game for the first time and fell in love, so hopefully more motivational for them.

Code wise, I got basic gameplay down. Laps are now timed and you finish a race after 3 laps, though that currently doesn't show anywhere but the command line. Erik's been cleaning up and ripping out and redoing a bunch of our physics to be more better than before. Double plus better! I put in a simple particle effect engine. It's much better now that it doesn't leak cows.

It just hit us today that there's really only 3 days left and it suddenly doesn't seem like enough time to get everything done. Should motivate us to work faster, but we'll see how it goes.

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Hey! I've tried it on panther I it didn't works. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Volumes/steamroller/", line 49, in ? _recipes_pil_prescript(['Hdf5StubImagePlugin', 'FitsStubImagePlugin', 'SunImagePlugin', 'GbrImagePlugin', 'PngImagePlugin', 'MicImagePlugin', 'FpxImagePlugin', 'PcxImagePlugin', 'ImImagePlugin', 'SpiderImagePlugin', 'PsdImagePlugin', 'BufrStubImagePlugin', 'SgiImagePlugin', 'McIdasImagePlugin', 'XpmImagePlugin', 'BmpImagePlugin', 'TgaImagePlugin', 'PalmImagePlugin', 'XVThumbImagePlugin', 'GribStubImagePlugin', 'ArgImagePlugin', 'PdfImagePlugin', 'ImtImagePlugin', 'GifImagePlugin', 'CurImagePlugin', 'WmfImagePlugin', 'MpegImagePlugin', 'IcoImagePlugin', 'TiffImagePlugin', 'PpmImagePlugin', 'MspImagePlugin', 'EpsImagePlugin', 'JpegImagePlugin', 'PixarImagePlugin', 'PcdImagePlugin', 'IptcImagePlugin', 'XbmImagePlugin', 'DcxImagePlugin', 'IcnsImagePlugin', 'FliImagePlugin']) File "/Volumes/steamroller/", line 32, in _recipes_pil_prescript import Image File "Image.pyc", line 2, in ? File "gutil.pyc", line 2, in ? File "pygame/__init__.pyc", line 37, in ? File "pygame/__init__.pyc", line 34, in _check_darwin ImportError: PyObjC 1.2 or later is required to use pygame on Mac OS X 2006-03-30 09:30:15.057 steamrollers[2238] steamrollers Error 2006-03-30 09:30:15.058 steamrollers[2238] An unexpected error has occurred during execution of the main script ImportError: PyObjC 1.2 or later is required to use pygame on Mac OS X It's a trouble we have had too. (indeed I have installed python2.4 and pygame pobjc on them). We're compiling our code with panther and pythonmac 2.4 and pygame and it also works on tiger. Hope this helps you. ps: feel free to request more info
Are you running 10.3 by chance?
Hi. I've got windows and used to be able to play your game and its looking cool but your most recent uploads have been giving me this error... Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Python242\downprogs\Snv\steamrollers\", line 146, in ? main() File "C:\Python242\downprogs\Snv\steamrollers\", line 75, in main splash.draw() File "C:\Python242\downprogs\Snv\steamrollers\", line 31, in draw glPushMatrix() GLerror: [Errno 1283] stack overflow
Yes it's panther/10.3 as I said.