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It crashes in winxp + python 2.4 + openGL 2, but it can be fixed patching two files:
In gamelib/ comment out the lines with 'yield' that faults: 224, 241, 297;
In gamelib/
comment out line 358 and move the 'pass' in the next line to the proper indentation.
in line 368 add to the while the condition 'and not(task is None)'
The README states that Python 2.5 is required.

yes, but thinkering is funny :-)
And other people with 2.4 can then try the game.
Is not criticism,ah!
Here. This is my error.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/lok/Desktop/pyweek/make_me/", line 32, in ?
    import gamelib
  File "/home/lok/Desktop/pyweek/make_me/gamelib/", line 17, in ?
    import editor
  File "/home/lok/Desktop/pyweek/make_me/gamelib/", line 16, in ?
    import map
  File "/home/lok/Desktop/pyweek/make_me/gamelib/", line 224
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Can it running in python2.4 ?!
milker: It requires Python2.5, but if you follow the instructions in Claxo's first post, then you can edit the game to get it to run on 2.4. Claxo wasn't a developer of the game, just someone who wanted to tinker with it and get it to run on his installation. I don't run Python2.5 either, so I'm going to need to try his edits as well.
I get a crash/freeze part way through (seems random, first time happened in the menu, next time when I was up at the birds). Is there any way I can just skip to that part of the level so I don't have to re-do all the stuff I did before?
Haven't seen that crash -- let me know if you find out anything more. The only cheat key is Ctrl+G, which equips you with all the body parts (which can make it easier to get to the place you want). We'll be releasing a patched version after the judging that saves to disk.
I think the crash is probably not specific to your game, but something with pyglet or opengl on my system (my suspicion is it's not getting along perfectly with compiz - my system is Ubuntu 7.10, 64 bit) because I saw my game do it once or twice during development (I used pyglet 1.0). I'll definately let you know if I can find anything out about it, but since I can't come up with a consistent repro that'll be tough.

I'll have to have a look at your implementation for the cheat key then maybe I can add another cheat key to only equip the body parts I had at the point I was at - then I can equip them all and hop over there and dump the ones I didn't have (or just change the initial spawn location). :)

Thanks, it's a very nice game. I like the menu style especially.
Cool, I finished it, but I can't figure out what the JayneHat or the Light head piece are for.

I didn't figure out you could cycle parts until I looked at the source for the controls (and only now just realized you could do it in the blueprints screen).
Congratulations on finishing, even in the face of crashes :-)

The JayneHat is just for good looks, and we didn't have time to make use of the light (it doesn't actually appear in the level). We've got a new release with a larger map, hidden areas and "dark" places for the light which we'll release after judging.

I know a couple of other people also didn't pick up on the purpose of the blueprints screen... I guess we'll have to make that a little more clear.