done, checked in, time to make the coffee.

I'm super intimidated by the work of some folks here, but 'tis all in good fun and I made a game I like, so there :)

It's not everything I hoped, a lot of laziness went into making this one (the good kind). No hand created art, no self recorded sound, just a lot of bleary eyed coding sessions trying to make eight direction geometry work in a trigonometry world. It's fun enough that I come back and play it, and my QA team (three-year old son) agrees that it's a "good game daddy".

Top-down 2D shooter with a twist. Think Asteroids, except the asteroids shoot back. Better soundtrack, too.

Good luck to all, I look forward to playing every game (even the DNFs) once I've had enough sleep and/or coffee to be rational.

Next time: a team (perhaps); better adherence to the "eugman challenge" or equivalent constraint subcategory; start with gameplay, finish with graphics; and actually write a few warmup games before the week begins.

Anyone interested in a little Ludum Dare?

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I feel pretty much the same about everything you said, although I had someone doing art for me. I didn't have any innocent children telling me I've done well though... I'm excited to see your game - and I'll see you at LD48.
Bug announcement for your game: Blitting a surface onto itself causes pygame to crash on certain configurations (it's not a supported operation). To prevent crashing in Gather, insert after line 52 in lib/ this line:
" self.bgscreen = self.bgscreen.copy()"
Without the quotes. (Quotes to preserve spaces).
I rather enjoyed the game, as simple as it was. The last level was scary!