Not this time

Unfortunately I don't think there will be time for me to finish my entry. The game is about 70% of something playable (pretty much all graphics are done, there is a working level editor and half a gameplay, but no levels), but I won't be able to finish it in time, especially because I have stuff I need to finish today. I don't think this was a total loss, because I got to play around with pyglet. The problem was that I had a busy week and little time for Pyweek, not to mention having to rewrite the idea in the middle and consequently scrapping what I had.

Basically the idea of the game was to make one or more robots reach an exit, forcing them to move by making them be afraid of or be attracted to certain objects (they all share the same fears, so you can influence a robot to move by making another one afraid... well, it's hard to explain, but I think it could've worked).

Well, see you next Pyweek. Good luck with your entries.

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I am a luck man in pyweek.

I have enough time in it.
Enough time to make two games in two weeks :)

Sounds like an interesting idea Tee. Working on pyweek is almost never a total loss. The more mistakes you make the more you learn! And pyweek is a great chance to make many mistakes in a short amount of time.
I think:

I am learning that in pyweek, HOWTO handle the game logic and finish it in less time.