Super Street Fighter 10 Turbo Edition

Woohoo, after not getting much time to work this whole week, and going down the silly rabbit trail of skeletal animation (which really doesn't have much bearing on gameplay, but does, I admit, look very cool), I was finally able to implement something tangible tonight. It took about 5 hours of hacking on the animation system, coupled with actually designing the boss robot and some animations, and working on the animation editor, to get to this point today instead of tomorrow.

This gives me some time to at least extend the game a little tomorrow, add more boss ai and polish, as well as balancing things as a whole. Unfortunately, I won't even get remotely close to my original scope of the game (what was to be the short introduction level will now be the ENTIRE GAME), but since I'm the only one who really knew what that was, no harm done :)

The battle works, the player bot can punch the boss to make his health go down. The boss cheats and shoots energy balls that you have to jump over. Controls are:

Download here:

And for anyone wondering why street fighter 10, 10 is 2 in binary :P Makes sense for a street fighter 2 rip off...

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I get an error. :(
Thanks, it's been fixed. Problem with linux/windows line endings. Final release is almost done!