Progress has been made

So, I now have a few sounds, some sprites, and a very basic game-type thing that lets you move a little spaceship around. (Thanks for the help, RoeBros!)

Right now I'm thinking the game will go something like this:

It's the typical 10 bazillion little alien ships vs. you type game. There's bullets all over the place, and they dive bomb you and stuff. Now, the twist: your spaceship runs on steam, so you start out with a full tank of steam. As the game progresses, you run out of steam and thus move and fire more slowly.
To replentish your steam, you must blow up an enemy that drops it as a powerup. The higher up on the screen you hit the alien, the more steam will be in the powerup (These alien ships run on steam, too, you see.)
Your goal is to survive as long as possible without getting blown up or running out of steam.

That's the plan, anyway. We'll see how far I get on it.

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The idea sounds good. I love shmups. I hope it has lots and lots of bullets to dodge. :->