I Hate PyWeek!

Oops! The title was supposed to be 'I Heart PyWeek!'

Unfortunately, I think this project is DNF. I'm bogged down in Bubble code with only limited Python and OpenGL experience. I'll hang around to provide words of discouragement, err, encouragement though!

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Please post the code you have, I'd be interested to see it!

Hang in there! I am eyebrow deep in a port from pygame to pyglet, necessary to make sure I can maximally use blending and not bog down people's cpus! I almost almost there, and I know you can do it too (after all from what I see you have made it pretty far!).

Yeah, I still have a chance. I'm going to piggyback mouse events on the draw calls. Strange but interesting. I'll upload the code in any event. I also have a Google Code account I'm going to upload it to after this is all over.

I Love PyWeek!
The bubble looks really cool.. your hard work did pay off :)
I've been dying to write something like this for YEARS. Python + Pyglet + PyWeek made it happen!

BTW: I've got event processing for the Bubbles working! Hope is alive!