Keyboard's arrow key

Many game use arrow key to handle robot or car, like running or jumping.

It is easy to handle for more people, but not for my sons.
because my keyboard is Happy Hacking Keyboard.
If my son need to press 'K_UP', he need to press [Fn] + [[]
So, the joystick control is good enough for them. If you don't have any idea to control your robot. Pleas support Joystick ( Thank you !!)

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We added support for controlling the player with the W,A,S,D keys in addition to the arrow keys, so hopefully you and your sons will be able to play our game. :) (...if we finish...)
Thank you!
Sorry, but my game doesn't require the keyboard, except in the boss fight, which requires the arrows, joystick support will take to long, and you have to use the WASD keys for your weapons...
I try to support it in SeaWar.

Thank you for your suggest.