Good, bad, ugly, I'm the guy with the gun.

Good news:,
We've had some great progress, and ticked off a number of our milestones!

Bad news:
These are milestones that were slated to be hit around Wednesday, and it is now Friday morning.

The (not very) ugly:
I'm thankful to have some talented artists working with us, and here's a (functional) screen that we've got going on:

I'm the guy with the gun:
Out working the asteroid fields:

Where do we go from here:
Further up and further in! We're trucking along, blessed with some very talented developers, and we're all learning and getting to know each other better. Who could ask for anything more? :)

Sorry for the vagueness about all of our features and storyline -- I hope you all will enjoy playing our entry after Saturday. We're doing our best!

And to all the other behind-schedule devs out there -- keep your chin up! We're struggling right along with you -- another day-and-a-half -- let's make 'em count! :)