My game has pirate ships now. Also seagulls, scoring, and ornamental clouds. All in all, it's progressing nicely. I've also added more sound effects, gamepad support, and the code is getting cleaned up as I go and expanding the game requires it.
I think soon I will need to add a main menu of some sort and probably a high score table. After that, I could actually call it a game, although it is of course possible to restart it every time and write your highscores down on some paper. :-)

pekuja on 2006/03/29 17:45 of Trip on the Funny Boat

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Oh, forgot to explain the pirates and the seagulls. The pirates are basically like the player's ship, except that it only takes one hit to sink them. This means that they actually shoot back, and you have to dodge their shots. The seagull is like the UFO in Space Invaders. It does nothing to harm you, but it's very hard to hit it, so you get lots of points for doing so.
Looks neat. A lot better then my game, at any rate. ^_^