Sea War player manual

The World

SeaWar has two part in game screen, Top is the sea, bottom is the player information broad. Robots is working in sea area.

Robots in SeaWar
Robot Octopus is player soldier in the game. The game have green octopus and blue octopus.(two tearm)

they can run and fight, they are automatic.
they split up, when they have full power.
Robot See Nettle, No player own them, it is growing in see.
They can grow, but cann't move location in the sea, except player move it.
Robot Octopus eats it to incoming them power.

Robot's information (line mode and Text mode)

In the every robots ( Octopus and See Nettle ), It has some usefull infomation.

Line mode
  1. power circle -- It shows the robot power. See Nettle can use the life circle to remote-kill another robot.
  2. life line -- robots has a fix life time, whe the time is over it will die. 
  3. high point line -- It is recode the robot highest power point in his lifetime.

Text mode
Player can use text mode display robot's infomation in player area. ( Pleas see PlayerControl )
  1. p -- power
  2. h -- high point
  3. l -- life

Robot's mark
Robot has rich mark sign.

Fire, When robots the power is low. it will burning and display the fire sign.
Mark, It is a player handle sign, Please see PlayerControl.
Focus, It is a player handle sign, Please see PlayerControl.
X, Robot is hitting.

Player Area Information
SeaWar has two playarea, (TODO: SeaWar can play more then  two player in same time, so maybe SeaWar can has more then two playerarea in future. )

This information area can help user to make a good decide and enjoy control robots. 

Many useful information in playarea.
  1. Player team total powers: It shows how many power in player team, When player's total powers lost, other player will win the game.
  2. Team Members: It shows how many soldiers in player team.
  3. mark robot: Player can mark any robot in game. ( See PlayerControl )
  4. catch robot: It shows what robot is catched. Player can safely move the robot location in the Sea.
  5. mark robot and focus robot: Display a robot's information in text mode. 

HowTo Play the Game (PlayerControl)
SeaWar is design for 4+ and 2+ children. so all robots don't need control. they should working smooth for themself!!

If the player want to control them, player can move the focus mark in the sea, and do:

Player move focus sign, focus will automatic scan robots information and display text mode information in focus robot area and mark robot area.

If player want to mark someone. (It will keep display marked robot's information in mark area).  player can use mark, when robot marked, it will display mark sign in its face. Of course player can release the mark.

Player move focus sign, focus can catch a robot in one times. when player catchs a robot, the robot face will display focus sign, then player can safely move the catch-robot anywhere in sea. when player free catch. the robot will working automatic again.

When Player complete destruction another side's robot soldier. He will win the game.

GamePad Control structure

  1. move Robot See Nettle to feed your soldier.
  2. move the less life time soldier to eat robot see nettle.
  3. ......

Keyboard Support ( When system hasn't joystick )
use key [WSAD] for move; [f] for mark, [v] is release mark and [g] for catch, [b] is release catch.

Thank john, who give me idea to support keyboard.

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So I need one of those console things to play? :( Not fair. :(
I just want to write a game...

for my sons.
But not alot of people can vote for your games...
Yes. I know that.
Many people haven't joystick.
But my son love joystick very much.

My keyboard is Happy Hacking Keyboard.
They aren't easy to handle arrow key.