Coding style

In many year ago. I started learning OO (Object Oriented) in programming skill. when I learned ruby and Java .

OO is difference than Old C style. ( my first computer language is Basic . it was running on a 8089 processor. it had not OO :<

One day my friend told me, he wrote a new java game.

He said that, when he did re-create a world. there had a ball and a stick.
  1. what color was the ball has?
  2. the ball was moving like ?
  3. what color was the stick has?
  4. the stick was moving like ?
  5. when the stick met the ball ?
  6. what happen, when the stick met the ball ?
  7. or the world has power object. it was becoming ball and stick ? that was liked Aristotle said.
It didn't to thinking about process, focus to thinking about ball or stick,
when you care ball and stick. the world ( game ) should become very interest.

I did same in Sea War.