Why write a Game ? ( SeaWar )

In 2008 easter, I wanted to write someting. that can help my sons to learn.

I have two gamepad and I am a linux user too.

So, I started to learn write a game. It is name Racing Killer. it is a shooting game.

My two sons love it more. they play it everyday.

I was decide to post it to internet. I found pyweek

pyweek#6 is my first challenge about computer skill.

I join it and post Racing Killer in there.

But it was broke the rule( because the game isn't write this week.), so I write a new game, it name SeaWar.

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You are alowed to post it, but it cannot be your pyweek entry...
And don't empty your posts like that, 'cause not everyone nkows what the comments are on about...
I say:

I just want share my game to everyone.

and This is my first time join pyweek#6, so if I broke the rule.

I want to say sorry.
That's alright :)