physics getting better

With alot of help from an awesome hacker I work with (who has found this train problem fascinating), I have been moving closer to getting the physics right for my trains. Suffice to say it involves springs, masses, dampening coefficients, and static and rolling friction! Hopefully once reasonable constant values are established, I can make the "game" infrastructure around it... scores, title screens, instructions, and some fx.

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I'm *really* looking forward to playing this one.
I agree. It looks very interesting to say the least. I hope you can make a fun game out of the physics problem. :-)
cool, yeah I think it will be fun.. alot might depend on the tweaking of constants. When I first hooked up my engine and fired up the throttle it shot forward, then the spring of the coupling yanked it back, so it hit the second car with enough force that the second car derailed itself against the third and broke its coupling off the engine and went flying down the track in the opposite direction.....
Wow. I can almost imagine the carnage now.