More Progress

Our game is probably at 40% done now.
Late last night and now this morning I got the interactions in, you fight neighboring territories or transfer your own units around now.
Also needed are for capitols to generate new units, and for supply centers to be added.

Needs to be converted to turn-based and such - but we're getting there.

The rest of the day will be spent on this and multiplayer - for me that is.
Markus is going to get a start on the ai hopefully.

Also we should be getting some new graphics and maybe some music - so this could be a very productive day :D

New screenie for you - Pink is winning:

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What's with the black rect at the bottom of the shot?
That is where gui stuff is going - already there in dev, I'll have a new screenie here later tonight ;)
Ah. Every time I saw that you made me wonder if the image didn't finish loading or the upload was corrupt. :P