Milestone 1 Achieved!!!

Today marks the day I can start working on the game instead of the game engine all the time. Yipee!!!

I'm able to move the little dude around with the keyboard finally. I'll upload a sneak peak of the source code sometime today. And of course ... more details at the Blog!

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Wow, nice tiles, and great graphics!
Yeah, I only wish I was a 10th as good an artist. The graphics are by a fellow named Daniel Cook. I think he's taking pity on us artistically challenged programmers by giving them away. Visit his Lost Garden to learn more!

I'll probably take a beating in innovation for using them, but hopefully I can make up for it in the fun category!
kfields: you should receive no penalty for anything (especially innovation) using that tileset.
richard: Alright, I'll quit obsessing about it. They look so gorgeous it just feels like cheating! Of course, maybe the point is when it comes time to judge the graphics don't really matter. It's the fun factor!
It seems quite fair to me. Free graphics like that act as n equalizer for great coders who are poor artists.
Wow, that looks pretty nice! Keep it up!
Thanks for the words of encouragement. I was starting to run out of steam, but now I'm ready for more battle after these comments!