A New Text Adventure

I wanted to try to make a point-and-click adventure for this pyweek, but I think I found out by the end of the first 24 hours that the graphics necessary were just too difficult for me to even attempt. But I decided I could put together a nice text adventure that would be just as fun (maybe more fun). And besides, I've really been into using Python's cmd module lately (command lines are hot!).

I have a lot of the game logic complete, but it's mostly the basic text adventure stuff (movement, inventory and object handling). I still need to create the game and write the logic for non-player characters and object interactions. The whole game is stored in an sqlite database.

I think I'm also going to include a walkthrough for people who want to play through the game, but don't want to invest the time. Seem reasonable?

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I LOVE TEXT ADVENTURES! Graphics are often overrated anyway. A walkthrough would be great. With so many entries it would be nice to be able to go through without fear of getting stuck.
I thought about doing a Zork clone. Are you going to use chatterbot technology? That's what I would do.
I never thought of using a chatterbot of any type. That may have been a good idea...

Instead I'm using the cmd module in the Python standard library and writing all the interaction logic myself. It's a bit difficult just because I want interactions to be as natural as possible.
Well, it's probably too late to change strategies. You would need to learn how to use the tokenizer and construct pattern trees. Here's a link about A.L.I.C.E that will help if your interested.