Day 3: animation variants and movement

Today didn't seem that productive, mostly I fixed a lot of animation glitches and finished the work I started (and thought I'd finished) yesterday. Movement is now entirely controlled by the attached animation, and the characters can be built up out of multiple animations. The screenshot above is missing some animations (such as the background colour for the legs), but this can be entirely blamed on the artist ;-)

I've fixed a couple of bugs in pyglet in the making of this game so far: one was in pyglet.resource.location, the other in Texture.get_transform (the anchor was not being transformed). These fixes are available in r1990.

We also discovered that ImageMagick treats Photoshop layers saved out of Photoshop differently from those saved out of OpenCanvas. Rather than recode large sections of the animation tool I politely requested that the artist stick with just one application, if she pleases :-)

Way behind schedule on getting everything done on time.