And Now, for the continuing adventures of Myself

Today I did stuff to my entry. It was a trial in heartache and glory, fraught with danger at every turn, but with some philosophical insight along the way. At the beginning of the day, I had no more hope for my ultimate robot fighting game thingie.

As the day wore on, and I solved many of the glitches in the system, my ambition finally began to return! I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and knew I would make it out. I had to leave my computer for many hours, and used that time to brainstorm new ideas and new directions for the project! Times were good.

Returning home from an exhausting day, I was dismayed to find that the state of euphoria surrounding the most glorious game in progress I had left that morning had evaporated. With little ambition or hope, I set about to solve a few more bugs, but have not regained my former glory. It is dark times my friend.

Fortunately, while evening has set on this day, evening has not yet set on pyweek. There is still time to venture into the depths of my being and regain the courage that must be hiding within. My ultimate plans may yet have to be tempered, however the resulting work still has a chance to be great. The next few days will be a difficult battle.

Remind me next time to NOT base my game on 2d skeletal animation.

Real diary entry coming soon. Maybe. If I feel like it.

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Hey! A fellow manic depressive! Why don't you post a picture or something. Maybe feedback will give you some inspiration?
Hehe, most of that was just melodramatic hyperbole, although the basics are really what happened :) There was too much time between when I had inspiration and when I could actually do some work, and my energy dissipated. Also when I came home from my meeting I was pretty much too tired to work. Today I had school, so I am in a similar situation. If I can save up enough energy for thursday and friday when I'll have more time, then I should be able to at least create a semblance of what I'm going for.