First Diary Entry

Hello fellow competitors, welcome to Century of a Fruitbat's first official diary entry, chronicaling the amazing journey we* all have been on the past few days. Our plans began very modestly, we were going to develop the most awesome robot-themed game ever conceived. As development began, and the beauty of pyglet, talent of our artists**, skills of our programmers*** and quality of our writer's**** storyline, we have gotten a bit more ambitious.

Here is a screenshot of the current progress, most of the coolness has been edited out***** so as not to spoil it for eventual players.

*We meaning me, my usual help has left on a cruise, the stinkler.
**Artist meaning me, I am doing all of the art this time around
***I am also the only programmer
****You guessed it, I am also the writer. And as for a story, there really isn't much to it. Bad guy is bad, kill him. But then you didn't really kill him, so you get to kill him again. And again. And again!!!
*****Actually the coolness has not been added yet, still waiting for it to materialise. Although I guess the fluid arm rotation for attacking is somewhat cool. It should be cool considering all my time has been spent on that.

Hope you enjoy :)