pygame.mixer playback issue

I have an issue. It's a sound issue. I can't find a way to play mp3 or ogg files directly through pygame mixer. I've had people suggest pymedia, but that's a no go for us because it doesn't have macintosh support. As our sound guy uses a mac exclusively, it'd kinda suck for him not to be able to enjoy the fruits of his labour. So I ask your help and I seek suggestions.

What can I do? The big thing is size. A 1.6 MB mp3 vs an 11 MB wav is a huge difference. I can't seem for the life of me to find any 'pure' python mp3 or ogg decoders. They all seem to rely on some external recompiled binary. So what can I do? How do you all deal with these restrictions?

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Well, pygame out of the box will not do mp3s. and the extention on the ogg must be .ogg for pygame to call it an ogg and not an PCM WAV file.
Awesome! Thanks a tonne! We found an ogg and tested it and it works dandy. Goodbye huge ass wave files!