Informal poll.

I was wondering, How many of you will be able to make use of multiplayer features and with what limitations? Can you play something using the same keyboard? Only over the network? All your friends are a mile a way so it has to work over the internet?

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I could organised with friends to test something multiplayer over a network, but not locally.
Our whole team lives in the same city and most of us live within 5 blocks of each other, so physical sharing is a-ok!
Galacticus would needs a test like that too... but network test is ok? Dual logging is not fun.
Network multiplayer should be fine since I can probably just ask people on #pyweek to play. I can probably get a friend to play local multiplayer too. On the same keyboard or with gamepads. For local multiplayer I recommend you support gamepads. Rudimentary support isn't hard to add. It's basically the same as keyboard handling.
For local multiplayer I recommend you support gamepads.
I recommend that recommendation be upgraded to a requirement - unless you're especially close to your gaming pals, I don't imagine them jumping at the chance to share a keyboard. :)