I might be already failing at my own goal...

I said before that my goal was simplicity, but I'm already thinking of an idea that's not very easy to implement. Maybe I can find a way to make it simpler...

This time I'm thinking of something puzzle-ish involving robots. Despite its complexity, I have an idea I kinda like, though I might drop it if I think of something more interesting. (I do have a certain tendency of working on ideas similar to other people's ideas, but I'm hoping this one is reasonably unique. :P)

Well, there's still some time left today to design. Good luck everyone. :)

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Well, you might be able to do what I'm doing. I'm taking my idea for one of the other themes and just adding in robot graphics :P

It's a win-win situation for me, because I get to keep my simple idea and I get to stay within the theme :D
Yeah, I too admit that my original, original idea didn't actually involve robots. But robots happen to fit quite nicely, and I already have some things in mind that make it look like robots were actually planned from the start. :P So, although robot wasn't my first choice, I'm quite satisfied with the theme.