To include pyglet source or not?

I suspect many people will be using pyglet this time around (we will be) so I'm debating whether or not pyglet should be included with our entry or if we can count on people already having installed, or being willing to install it. On the one hand, to include it in our source is only an extra 4MB and makes it extra easy for anyone to run our game, but on the other hand if a lot of other teams are using it then that's a big waste of bandwidth.

What is the preferred method for entries using pyglet?

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The package source is < 1 MB when zipped (the "source" packages on also include docs and examples).

I'll be suggesting that for pyweek, pyglet 1.0 games should just list it as a dependency -- there will be enough that it'll be worth people downloading and installing the runtime (quite painless on Win/OS X or with eggs) if they haven't already.

If you're using pyglet 1.1 (alpha or SVN), add the package into your lib dir, since we don't want people installing an unstable library.


Hmm, well I was planning to use pyglet 1.0, but seeing as it's my first game with pyglet I'll be learning as I go (as will the rest of my team) anyway. Is there any advantage to using 1.0? How is the stability of the alpha version?