Getting ready...

Well another exciting Pyweek is coming up! We're planning out goals and throwing around vague generalities of ideas, planning roles and psyching ourselves up for the weeklong rush of caffeine and adrenaline.

Richard, thanks for putting this on again! How is the Skellington for this season's challenge? Are we aiming to have py2exe functionality working? Anything we can do to help?

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I don't have much experience in, well, anything, but I've found pyinstaller to be easier to use than py2exe. It would certainly be nice to build one of them in to the skellington so everyone can spend more time on content and less time packaging. I'm in for helping with this in any way I can, so let me know.
Sorry, I've had to spend all my pre-comp time working on the website and haven't had a chance to look in on Skellington. Please feel free to look at it and see what needs to be done to make it py2exe'able (or whatever).

One of the big problems I remember from the Pyweek 4 Skellington was that it needed to be packaged from the lib directory for it to work properly. I think Hectigo figured that out, and I copied his script and packaged it into an auto-exe'er script. If the Skellington didn't change much in Pyweek 5, then that packager script I wrote should still work. If we wanted the Skellington to work with more traditional py2exe scripts, then we may be better off restructuring the Skellington entirely (which I currently don't have time to do -- is anyone else interested in this task?).


Oh yeah, and Keeyai, I'd be interested in knowing how pyinstaller deals with the current py2exe. Does that create real install files though (like with start menu and everything?) For running 30+ contest entries, I generally prefer no-install versions, and I'd like to just unzip it and run it from the unzipped directory. I'd love to hear how well it works though, as I've used py2exe and py2app, but never pyinstaller.
Pyinstaller just creates .exe files - no installers. I've packaged a few games with it and it seems to work pretty well. But so does py2exe, I guess.. ;)
I didn't participate in Pyweek #5, but in looking at Skellington 11 now, it seems that it includes a very nice-looking for py2exe and py2app. How well did that work for people last comp? What (if anything) needs to be done for this next time?
Sorry for the double-post. Another option is to use Hectigo's Splush as the Skellington -- or maybe that is too complex? I think people should be free to use it, but it seems like it might be a tad overloading for people who are using Pyweek as their first introduction to Python.