Return of the System Capabilities poll!

I've set up the traditional pre-challenge poll on system capabilities to see where people are at in terms of the hardware and software platforms they'll be running.

Me, I recently had a hardware failure, so I bought a whole new machine (parts of the prior one were 5 years old) thus bringing myself into the age of PCI Express, SATA-II and 64-bit CPUs.

You'd have to work hard to make a Python game that ran slow on this hardware :)

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I have managed to get an X1800XT 512Mb
card for myself :) 3000+ AMD 64bit
with 2GB ram.. 200GB sata. I sure hope
to see some game make my system look weak.
how do i post?
What exactly do you want to post, and where?
Click the [system capabilities] link in the entry above, and select the items you have.