Auto-File Runner/Comment Editor

Just wondering, has anyone made a python program, to go through all the folders in a directory, and then run the file inside it, I made one of these with bash, but, bash isn't compatable with windows.

Also, has anyone created a comment editor? Aka, a text editor with python that asks you for the name of the game your rating, and then has radio buttons for the seperate items you can vote for, and at the bottom has a text field for you to enter comments, this would save it in a text file documented for you. I'm willing to create the editor, but I'm not certain about the top one as I can only do it in bash.


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I've been thinking about this a little bit, and I wonder if something akin to the way CVS / SVN works would be good.

Basically, it has a base template file that it copies to the destination directory, then it runs an editor (such as vi in *nix, or notepad in Windoze) to open that file, and then when you're done in the editor you save it and exit, and the script continues on.

This wouldn't be as nice as text fields and checkboxes, but I think it would be pretty workable, and very flexible for future contests where the voting criteria may or may not change.