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Whew. It's over and we won. Definitely an unexpected outcome, especially for our first time out. I've already congratulated Tigga on his win in the individual category, but I'd like to take the opportunity to do so again. Go play Disk Field. It's way more fun than reading this. Anyway, on to the comments. I'm sure my teammates will have more to say, but they're busy at the moment with other commitments, so I'll have to do for now.

C:\Documents and Settings\xeeme\Desktop\pyweek\5\psyduck_revenge\wound-up-1.0.2> c:\Python24\python Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 15, in ? import main File "C:\Documents and Settings\xeeme\Desktop\pyweek\5\psyduck_revenge\wound-u p-1.0.2\lib\", line 7, in ? import menu File "C:\Documents and Settings\xeeme\Desktop\pyweek\5\psyduck_revenge\wound-u p-1.0.2\lib\", line 11, in ? import game File "C:\Documents and Settings\xeeme\Desktop\pyweek\5\psyduck_revenge\wound-u p-1.0.2\lib\", line 15, in ? import gl File "C:\Documents and Settings\xeeme\Desktop\pyweek\5\psyduck_revenge\wound-u p-1.0.2\lib\gl\", line 3, in ? from OpenGL.GLUT import * File "build\bdist.win32\egg\OpenGL\GLUT\", line 4, in ? File "build\bdist.win32\egg\OpenGL\GLUT\", line 73, in ? AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'glutDestroyWindow'

Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Downloads\5\psyduck_revenge\wound-up-1.0.2\", line 16, in main.main() File "C:\Downloads\5\psyduck_revenge\wound-up-1.0.2\lib\", line 25, in main menu.Menu(display.gl_render.GLRenderer, options).run() File "C:\Downloads\5\psyduck_revenge\wound-up-1.0.2\lib\", line 34, in __init__ self.setup_pygame() File "C:\Downloads\5\psyduck_revenge\wound-up-1.0.2\lib\", line 60, in setup_pygame self.renderer.setup_pygame() File "C:\Downloads\5\psyduck_revenge\wound-up-1.0.2\lib\display\", line 38, in setup_pygame gl.init(*self.screen_mode, **self.options["gl"]) File "C:\Downloads\5\psyduck_revenge\wound-up-1.0.2\lib\gl\", line 37, in init glutInit([]) File "C:\Python25\lib\site-packages\opengl-3.0.0a4-py2.5.egg\OpenGL\GLUT\speci", line 248, in glutInit _base_glutInit( ctypes.byref(count), holder ) WindowsError: exception: access violation reading 0x00000000 Damn your game looked good :(

These look to be fairly similar problems, and seem to be happening within PyOpenGL (specifically GLUT initialisation). Which OS/versions was this from? Were you able to run other GL-based games? I'd like to fix this, but I'm worried that it may be an internal OpenGL problem.


I couldn't even complete the first tutorial level. I moved all my elfs into the cog(?) and it started to turn.. but nothing happned! However, the 3d-graphics looks nice, especially for a weeks job! :)

Wow, so far, this is a winner entry for me. Very fun building those twisted setups, and very nice presentation. Of course, the tutorial was not quite good enough for me, I needed #pyweek to have the quadratic rubber cost and how to cancel rubber orders explained to me. But then.. played it for hours. I blame this for not being able to rate all the other games :P

Yes, sorry, the instructions were quite weak, as they were written in a hurry on the last day, while the interface was still being finalised. I hope that you'll try again on the hopefully improved post-competition version.


Some problems scrolling around the viewport... to scroll right the mouse has to be in the upper half of the window (I'm playing windowed because fullscreen borks with dual-head). Couldn't figure out how to complete first level in "First steps".

Oops. Silly bug. It's fixed now, so it won't be in the post-competition release. And I'm sorry to say that I never even considered dual-head displays. My bad.


Pies, plus a great game. Nice work. :) Unfortunately, it has locked up my computer a few times, but I really enjoyed what I was able to play

Segmentation fault (Windows XP SP2)

Crashed on me w/ python 2.5 (on amd64 ubuntu linux) be nice if the camera could be moved w/ keys, since if you play windowed it's tough to hover near the edge of the screen. The sounds (both sound effects and music) are excelent. Well done.

Very nice! IT clearly reflects the amount of pie eating. After playing a lot I got: $ python ~/games/pw5/wound-up-1.0.2/lib/ DeprecationWarning: integer argument expected, got float pxl = self.tutorial_map.get_at((px, py)) Segmentation fault

Oh dear. I'd really like some more info on these crashes. OS, versions of Python/Pygame/PyOpenGL, what you were doing when it crashed, etc. Oh, and the keyboard camera control thing is noted. It'll be in the post-competition release.


A really great game. One complaint: it's not obvious that there are three levels in each page of the menu. Some feedback when hovering over each one is needed. Please keep on working on this game!

We never even considered that might be a problem, but the menu was another thing which was added very late in the project. We'll see what we can do to improve things.


Was unplayably slow on my system. It took about 20 seconds to draw a single frame. Something must have been causing software rendering. Debian Linux, ATI Radeon Xpress 200.

So bad responsiveness that wasn't playable; even the menu was painful to use because of slow interaction (and my machine is pretty new)).

Ran too slowly for me.

This sounds like a serious problem. What versions of PyOpenGL were you using, and on what OS? Did you have similar problems with any of the other GL entries in PyWeek? Did you try running with particles disabled, or at a lower resolution? (e.g. python -w -r 640x480 --no-particles)


Great game. Great concept. Great graphics. Great sound. There were three problems that kept you from higher marks. Firstly - there seemed to be quite a flicker occasionally, which started to hurt after a while. This is why production isn't 5. Secondly, the levels did tend to get dull after a while. I'd prefer it if perhaps you spent less time on 5% efficiency, and had a more steady production rate. Thirdly the interface click positioning didn't seem quite right. It was very easy to connect the wrong two cogs.

This is great! I can see lots of potential. With some more levels and variety it could be an excellent game. Some way of removing pending constructions would be useful. Odd things happen to the lighting as the mouse is moved around. It looks like there's supposed to be a spotlight following the mouse, but it doesn't quite seem to work properly.

The lighting problem is a "known issue", which we don't fully understand (or understand at all, for that matter). It seems to be related to dropping frames, so it can be reduced by going to a lower resolution. However, it doesn't happen on every machine. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. As for removing pending construction, you can do that by right-clicking (Option-click on Mac). Sorry it wasn't in the instructions.


It's boring! Very boring I don't understand, where is twisted? plataform and starcaise?

I'm sorry, we realised that it wouldn't be to everyone's tastes, but we went with what we enjoyed. The "twisted" part is supposed to be about twisting the spring, which I don't think came across as strongly as it could have done.


Excellent. Very nice game, 3d graphics in what would usually be a 2d game. Good music, interesting puzzles. I want more levels!

This is really great stuff. The idea is not that originally but therefor your implementation and concept are exceptional!

Really nice graphics, good puzzle design, OK music. Excellent silliness.

Awesome game. Keep adding to it. :)

To me, this is one of the best.. But you had so many pies! No fair!! ;)

excellent! one of the few entries I really played longer than I had to :-) Unbelievable that you guys pulled this off in one week. I'm not DQing you because the setting is very twisted and the turning-things sort of twist, so well.

Very nice game in the "incredible machine" vein. I really dug the gear art.

Very cool. Thank you!

Nice incredible machines meets lemmings.


Very good graphics quite enjojable

Nice game.. sat for hours.

*blushes*. Thanks everyone. It's been great, and I still can't believe we won. Look out for the post-competition release in a week or two, and start practising to put us in our place in six months' time.

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Ran too slowly for me.

This sounds like a serious problem. What versions of PyOpenGL were you using, and on what OS? Did you have similar problems with any of the other GL entries in PyWeek? Did you try running with particles disabled, or at a lower resolution? (e.g. python -w -r 640x480 --no-particles)
No i don't think there was much trouble with the other ones. I was using The latest version of ubuntu and pyopengl for that.

I didn't know i could lower the requirements so I'll try what you said when i get a chance tonight.
eugman: So just the version of pyopengl installed via apt-get, i.e. What are your system specs? Let me know if what I suggested helps any.
It did help some. But things still felt a little slow. I give it more of a try when i get a chance get you the actual specs when I can. Yes that is the version of PyOpengl. Also I have a year old $1000 gateway laptop so I doubt it's very game heavy.