Aurora's Music

I have received several (good) opinions on the music for our entry, so I'd like to tell a bit more about it...

The music for the levels and menus was made by a Psychedelic/techno group called Mindprobe. You can find some of their stuff at We haven't heard about them before this pyweek, but lucio (from the Grossini's Vacation team) put us in contact with one of them and they told us that their music was licensed under a CC license :)

So, a big thank you goes for mindprobe, because their music collaborates a lot in setting the mood for our game. (And also a thank you for lucio)

The origin of the intro music is a bit different. It is a song under the public domain (as most national songs and anthems): it is a ceremonial song used when rising the national flag here in Argentina. We stumbled upon it almost accidentally (despite having heard it literally hundreds of times in our lives) when looking for some march which fitted the rest of the introduction.

The song is called Aurora.

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Lucio, known PNX (the mindprobe guy) from long time ago. But, right now (since some years), PNX is working at the same place I do work. (I've tried sometimes to involve him in pyweek as our musician).

Also, I known that he likes demo-scene community very much, and your game has much to do with that. I don't know if he tried, but i'll tell him to do tomorrow, and do know beforehand that he'll like it!

Btw, very nice game, thanks!