Steam, blood and explosions

The game is progressing nicely. I've now added some particle effects. Namely the steamboat's horns emit steam, the sharks bleed when they die, and the newly added mines explode when you touch them. It's looking more like an actual game every minute. I'll have to add some scoring to the game soon to make it more interesting to play. There is also music in the background now, which you can't see in the screenshot of course, and there are a couple of sound effects for shooting and for the mines exploding. I'm still yet to use the sailing ship sprite I made in the first batch of graphics, but I'll probably add it in the nearby future. Some other things I think the game needs is some background graphics, like passing by islands, and perhaps harmless fish swimming underwater. Another thing I might add during the week is levels. The game doesn't actually have levels, but instead has a steady stream of sharks and mines that come at you. It actually works pretty well like that, so I might capitalise on that for the level designs.

pekuja on 2006/03/28 16:47 of Trip on the Funny Boat

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I really like how the water looks. Can't wait to see it in motion. :)
It's basically just a sine wave. A bit cheesy but if you don't concentrate on it the illusion of waves is quite nice. :-)